securing your CPA financial planner

Our process of establishing new client relationships is about determining whether or not there is a mutual fit. While each situation is unique, we generally take the following steps with a potential client:

step 1. initial conversation
Our CPA financial planners ask how you learned about our RIA firm and briefly discuss your current situation to determine whether we may be helpful to you. We address any specific questions you might have about our firm and our industry. If both parties agree, we schedule an introductory meeting. No fees are charged for an introductory meeting.

step 2. introductory meeting
Our CPA CFPs® will ask about your personal goals and motivations for meeting with us, and provide an overview of our RIA firm’s services and fees. If there is a mutual fit, we’ll ask you to provide relevant financial information to help us prepare a service proposal and schedule a second meeting. No fees are charged for a proposal.

step 3. proposal meeting
We deliver a proposal that will include an analysis of your current situation, a client service calendar, and specific examples of how our services will benefit you. Should you decide to engage our RIA firm, we then review and sign the service agreement.

step 4. implementation
The moment you become a new client, our proposal converts to a plan of action incorporating our financial planning and/or investment management services. While each client’s implementation plan is unique, we will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of our recommendations and are actively involved throughout the process.

step 5. monitoring the plan
Once your plan is in place, we will continue to monitor and adjust strategies as necessary. Our services are predicated on personal attention and open communication. We typically schedule quarterly meetings, but clients are encouraged to connect with us anytime.

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