Financial Planning

financial planning services

Financial Planning Services are delivered on the fundamental belief that financial decisions based on a comprehensive, integrated wealth management strategy are far superior to those made on a one-off or piecemeal basis. We have extensive experience in helping wealthy families align their wealth management strategy with their personal goals. These highly customized services are quoted on an hourly-fee basis to accommodate each client’s unique needs. The marrick wealth menu of services may be selected on an “a la carte” basis and includes:
investment planning
  • Evaluate current net worth
  • Analyze investment risk and diversification
  • Perform asset allocation analysis
  • Develop investment strategies and implementation plan
income tax planning
  • Prepare income tax projections and review tax withholdings
  • Coordinate with investment and stock option exercise strategies
  • Determine year-end planning strategies
cash flow & debt planning
  • Prepare short and long-term cash flow plans to maintain lifestyle and achieve specific goals
  • Discuss current needs and address funding goals
retirement planning
  • Prepare Monte Carlo retirement cash flow analysis
  • Determine retirement income needs and review resources
  • Coordinate funding needs with investment strategy
compensation & employee benefits planning
  • Assistance with compensation planning, including deferral decisions
  • Pension/Qualified plan and nonqualified plan analysis
  • Stock Option Review and Exercise Strategies
insurance review
  • Review existing insurance policies (life, homeowner’s, disability, property & casualty, etc.)
  • Analyze insurance needs in context of overall financial plan
  • Provide recommendations and coordinate insurance coverage
estate plan review
  • Review current estate plan
  • Discuss objectives and possible alternative strategies
  • Coordinate revisions with estate planning attorney
other services
  • Education funding
  • Charitable gift planning